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Table 1 The role of cargos in CAFs-derived exosomes on regulating the cancer cells

From: Cancer associated-fibroblast-derived exosomes in cancer progression

Cancer type Molecule in exosomes Expression Mechanism Impact on cancer cells Ref
Bladder cancer miR-148b-3p Up-regulated Target PTEN and activate Wnt/β-catenin pathway Promote tumor proliferation, metastasis and drug resistance [128]
Breast cancer miR-181d-5p Up-regulated Target CDX2 and downregulate CDX2 and HOXA5 Enhance the aggressiveness of breast cancer [129]
  SNHG3 (lncRNA) Up-regulated Target miR-330-5p and increase the PKM expression Increase glycolysis metabolism [130]
  miR-21, miR-378e, miR-143 Up-regulated Not mentioned Induce of the stemness and EMT phenotype of breast cancer [131]
  ADAM10 Up-regulated Activate RhoA and Notch signaling Promote cells motility and tumor progression [132]
  miR-500a-5p Up-regulated Target USP28 and downregulate USP28 Promoted the proliferation and metastasis of breast cancer cells [133]
  miR-22 Up-regulated Target ESR1 and PTEN, and downregulate ESR1 and PTEN. Promote tamoxifen resistance [134]
  circHIF1A Up-regulated Increase the expression of CD44 by targeting and downregulating miR-580-5p Promote breast cancer cells proliferation and stemness in hypoxic stress [135]
(Triple-negative breast cancer) miR-4516 Down-regulated Target FOS like antigen 1 (FOSL1) Promote the development of TNBC [136]
Colorectal cancer H19 (lncRNA) Up-regulated Activate the β-catenin pathway Promote the stemness of cancer stem cells [137]
  LINC00659 Up-regulated Target miR-342-3p and downregulate miR-342-3 Promote cancer cells proliferation, invasion, migration and EMT progression [138]
  miR-590-3p Up-regulated Target CLCA4 and downregulate CLCA4 Promote radiotherapeutic resistance [139]
  circSLC7A6 Up-regulated Increase the expression of C-X-C motif chemokine receptor 5 (CXCR5) Promote cancer cells proliferation and metastasis [140]
  circEIF3K Up-regulated Increase the expression of programmed death-ligand 1 (PD-L1) by targeting and downregulating miR-214 Promote hypoxia-induced CRC progression [141]
Endometrial cancer miR-148b Down-regulated Target DNMT1 and downregulate DNMT1 Promote cancer cells metastasis by inducing EMT [142]
  miR-320a Down-regulated Target HIF1α and downregulate HIF1α Promote cancer cells proliferation [143]
Esophageal cancer miR-33, miR-326 Up-regulated Not mentioned Promote CAF phenotype and tumor progression [144]
  SHH Up-regulated Activate SHH signaling pathway Improve the growth and migration abilities [145]
Gastric cancer miR-522 Up-regulated
Target arachidonate lipoxygenase 15 (ALOX15) and downregulate ALOX15 Inhibit ferroptosis in cancer cells [146]
  circ_0088300 Up-regulated Enhance janus kinase 1/ signal transducer and activator of transcription 1 (JAK1/STAT1) signaling pathway by targeting miR-1305 and downregulating miR-1305 Promote cancer cells proliferation, migration and invasion [147]
Head and neck cancer miR-3188 Down-regulated Target BCL2 apoptosis regulator (BCL2) and downregulate BCL2 Promote cancer cells growth [148]
Hepatocellular carcinoma miR-320a Down-regulated Target PBX homeobox 3 (PBX3) and downregulate PBX3 Promote cancer cells proliferation and metastasis [149]
Lung cancer SNAI1 Up-regulated Not mentioned Promote EMT in cancer cells [150]
Oral squamous cell carcinoma miR-34a-5p Down-regulated Target AXL receptor tyrosine kinase (AXL) and downregulate AXL Promote cancer cells proliferation and metastasis [151]
  miR-382-5p Up-regulated Not mentioned Promote cancer cells migration and invasion [152]
  miR-21-5p Up-regulated Enhance PI3K/mTOR/STAT3 Signaling Promote normal gingival fibroblasts (NGFs) to CAFs [153]
Oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma MFAP5 Up-regulated Activate MAPK and AKT pathways Activate cancer cells growth and migration [154]
Osteosarcoma miR-1228 Up-regulated Target suppressor of cancer cell invasion (SCAI) and downregulate SCAI Promote osteosarcoma invasion and migration [155]
Ovarian cancer miR-98-5p Up-regulated Target cyclin dependent kinase inhibitor 1A (CDKN1A) and downregulate CDKN1A Promote cisplatin resistance [156]
  TGF-β Up-regulated Activate the SMAD signaling pathway Promote migration and invasion ability of cancer cells and EMT [157]
Prostate cancer miR-423-5p Up-regulated Target GREM2 and downregulate GREM2 Promote chemotherapy resistance [158]