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Table 4 Ongoing clinical trials of epigenetic drugs in combination with immunomodulatory agents for solid cancers (Selected examples)

From: Epigenetic modulation of antitumor immunity for improved cancer immunotherapy

Identifier Cancer types and conditions Epigenetic drug Other immunostimulatory drug Trial phase Estimated enrollment
NCT01928576 Non-small lung cancer Azacitabine + entinostat or azacitabine alone Nivolumab (α-PD-1) II 120
NCT03019003 Head and neck cancer Azacitidine Durvalumab + Tremelimumab Ib/II 59
NCT03024437 Metastatic cancer, renal cancer Entinostat Atezolizumab and Bevacizumab I/II 62
NCT03264404 Pancreatic cancer Azacitidine Pembrolizumab (α-PD-1) II 31
NCT03308396 Advanced kidney cancer, clear cell renal cell carcinoma Guadecitabine Durvalumab (α-PD-L1) Ib/II 59
NCT03576963 Colorectal adenocarcinoma, CpG island methylator phenotype, metastatic microsatellite stable colorectal carcinoma and more Guadecitabine Nivolumab Ib/II 45
NCT04651127 Cervical cancer Chidamide Toripalimab (α-PD-1) Ib/II 40
NCT04562311 Bladder cancer stage IV Chidamide Tislelizumab (α-PD-1) II 43
NCT03829930 Prostate adenocarcinoma Entinostat Enzalutamide I 18
NCT03742245 Relapsed/refractory and/or metastatic breast cancer Vorinostat Olaparib I 28
NCT04553393 Relapsed and/or Refractory B cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma with huge tumor burden Chidamide Decitabine-primed tandem targeting CD19 and CD20 CAR T Cells I/II 80
NCT04705818 Advanced solid Tumors Tazemetostat Durvalumab II 173