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Table 1 CircRNAs arised from PTEN as revealed by circBase and circInteractome

From: circPTEN1, a circular RNA generated from PTEN, suppresses cancer progression through inhibition of TGF-β/Smad signaling

Circular RNA ID Location Genomic Length (bp) Spliced Length (bp) RNAseq resources
hsa_circ_0002934 chr10:89685269–89,693,008 7739 328 Jeck2013 (PMID:23249747)
hsa_circ_0002232 chr10:89624210–89,693,008 68,798 508 Jeck2013 (PMID:23249747)
hsa_circ_0094342 chr10:89653781–89,655,534 1753 1753 Salzman2013 (PMID:24039610)
hsa_circ_0094343 chr10:89726897–89,727,085 188 188 Rybak2015 (PMID:25921068)
hsa_circ_0019058 chr10:89653781–89,653,866 85 85 Rybak2015 (PMID:25921068)
hsa_circ_0019059 chr10:89690802–89,712,016 21,214 425 Jeck2013 (PMID:23249747)
hsa_circ_0019060 chr10:89690802–89,717,776 26,974 592 Salzman2013 (PMID:24039610)
hsa_circ_0003058 chr10:89635161–89,638,780 3619 3619 Salzman2013 (PMID:24039610)
  1. circRNAs that are generated by back splicing of PTEN gene were analyzed with circBase and circInteractome. Circular RNA ID, the location of circular RNA in the genome, genomic length, spliced length and the RNAseq sources were shown