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Table 1 Update list of evidences about the role of circPVT1 in tumor malignancies

From: CircPVT1: a pivotal circular node intersecting Long Non-Coding-PVT1 and c-MYC oncogenic signals

Disease (cancer) Target miRNA Downstream effector References
Gastric cancer miR-125b E2F2 [52]
miR-124-3p ZEB1 [53]
miR-30a-5p YAP1 [54]
miR-152-3p HDGF [55]
Osteosarcoma miR-205-5p c-FLIP [56]
miR-526b FOXC2 [57]
miR-137 TRIAP1 [58]
miR-423-5p Wnt5a/Ror2 and c-FLIP [56]
Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma miR-497-5p Aurka, mki67, bub1 [42]
miR-106a-5p Hexokinase II [49]
Non-small cell lung cancer miR-125b E2F2 [59]
miR-497 Bcl-2 [60]
miR-30d/e CCNF [61]
Let-7 NRAS [62]
miR-429 FOXK1 [63]
miR-145-5p ABCC1 [64]
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia Let-7 c-MYC [65]
miR-125 Bcl-2
miR-30e DDL4 [66]
Colorectal carcinoma miR-145 PAK4 [47]
Hepatocellular carcinoma miR-203 HOXD3 [67]
miR-3666 SIRT7 [68]
miR-377 TRIM23 [69]
Esophageal carcinoma miR-4663 Pax-4, Pax-6 [46]
Breast cancer miR-204-5p EMT [50]
miR-29a-3p AGR2 [70]
Renal cell carcinoma miR-145-5p TBX15 [71]
Thyroid cancer miR-455-5p CXCL12/CXCR4 [72]
Gallbladder cancer miR-339-3p MCL-1 [73]