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Figure 1

From: EFEMP1 suppresses malignant glioma growth and exerts its action within the tumor extracellular compartment

Figure 1

EFEMP1 over-expression suppressed U251HF cell growth in vivo not in vitro. A, FLAG immunoblot of conditioned-medium (CM) proteins from cell cultures of U251HF (p) and stable transfectants of FLAG-tagged EFEMP1. B & C, real-time qRT-PCR quantification of EFEMP1 mRNA levels in U251HF transfected with FLAG-tagged or untagged EFEMP1 constructs, normalized to GAPDH, and compared with untransfected cell arbitrarily set to unity. D, MTT detection of cell in vitro growth speed. E, Kaplan-Meier survival curves for mice after i.c. implantation with U251HF and its EFEMP1 transfectants.

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