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Table 2 Function and pathway analysis of the promoter hypomethylated genes identified by MeDIP-chip

From: MiR-185 Targets the DNA Methyltransferases 1 and Regulates Global DNA Methylation in human glioma

Term Promoter Hypomethylation Genes
Go Term
signal transduction, cell communication 14 genes:OR10G4, BAD, C9, OR51S1, CCRL2, OR8A1, SFN, ABR, OR1L6, FKBP8, DRD4, SORBS1, GP1BB, MLNR
protein metabolic process, cellular metabolic process, biopolymer metabolic process 11 genes: CPEB1, C9, NRBP2, PSMF1, OR51S1, KLHL21, FKBP8, TUBB4Q, PRSS33, FUT5, TUBB8
transport, ion channel activity, metal ion transport, cation transport 10 genes:ACCN1, ABCC12, MFSD3, SLC28A1, SLC5A9, SLC2A9, KCNK4, TUBB4Q, TUBB8, SORBS1
hydrolase activity, serine hydrolase activity 5 genes:ABCC12, OR51S1, TUBB4Q, PRSS33, TUBB8
regulation of gene expression,regulation of transcription,DNA binding,transcription factor activity 5 genes: CPEB1,TOX2, LMO3, PHF13, NAT14
nervous system development, system development, organ development 3 genes: IGSF8, ACCN1, ABR
apoptotic program, induction of apoptosis, cell death 3 genes: BAD, SFN, C9
Neuroactive ligand-receptor interaction 3 genes: SCT, MLNR, DRD4
Insulin signaling pathway 2 genes: BAD, SORBS1