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Table 1 Genes increased in the PC-3 D8 Docetaxel Resistant Cell line

From: Characterisation and manipulation of docetaxel resistant prostate cancer cell lines

PC-3 D8 vs PC-3 Ag Gene Name Accession no. Fold change p value
BIK NM_001197 4.606724005 0.024378
FOXO1 NM_002015 4.092077589 0.006372
NAIP NM_004536 3.895819042 NA
HSP90AA1 NM_001017963 2.255183574 0.116769
IL8 NM_000584 2.194814925 0.060076
BCL2A1 NM_001114735 2.003718027 0.018472
NBN NM_002485 1.994366021 0.011912
TNFRSF10C NM_003841 1.931533233 0.288353
TP73 NM_001126240 1.785086313 0.082871
BNIP3L NM_004331 1.747205486 0.03454
CLU NM_001171138 1.740002897 0.304795
APAF1 NM_001160 1.673345235 0.38724
FASLG NM_000639 1.563978305 0.73945
BNIP3 NM_004052 1.50139036 0.173556
  1. Pre-designed TaqMan probe and primer sets for target genes were chosen from an on-line catalogue (Applied Biosystems). Expression levels of target genes were normalised to concentration of 18S rRNA (Additional File 1 lists the 95 genes chosen for inclusion and their function). Total mRNA was extracted from the PC-3 Ag and PC-3 D8 cells and used on custom designed Low Density Arrays (LDA) to determine which genes were increased (fold increase > 1.5) in the Docetaxel resistanct PC-3 D8 subline compared to the PC-3 Ag. n = 3.