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Table 3 Genes increased in the PC-3 D12 Docetaxel Resistant Cell line

From: Characterisation and manipulation of docetaxel resistant prostate cancer cell lines

PC-3 D12 vs PC-3 Ag Gene Name Accession no. Fold change p value
NAIP NM_004536 28.14023 NA
BCL2A1 NM_001114735 9.956213 7.84E-06
CLU NM_001171138 6.138126 0.019757
TNFRSF1B NM_001066 4.568718 NA
ATM NM_000051 2.884063 0.013665
FOXO1 NM_002015 2.746056 0.0167
MAP2K4 NM_003010 2.456245 0.13486
APAF1 NM_001160 2.264102 0.34641
NOL3 NM_001185057 1.946074 0.101148
CHEK1 NM_001114121 1.554884 0.433367
BNIP3L NM_004331 1.514918 0.113779
NBN NM_002485 1.505995 0.051555
  1. Total mRNA was extracted from the PC-3 Ag and PC-3 D12 cells and used on custom designed Low Density Arrays (LDA) which included the transcriptional profile probes for the IAPs, death receptors, death ligands, and signalling molecules as well as genes involved in cell cycle regulation, DNA damage and repair and chemotherapy resistance. Additional File 1, lists the 95 genes chosen for inclusion, and their function. Genes whose expression has increased (fold increase > 1.5) in the Docetaxel resistanct PC-3 D12 subline compared to the PC-3 Ag. n = 3.