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Figure 3

From: LIM kinase1 modulates function of membrane type matrix metalloproteinase 1: implication in invasion of prostate cancer cells

Figure 3

Expression of LIMK1 associated with increased expression of MT1-MMP. A) Expression of Pro-MT1-MMP (66 kD) and active MT1-MMP (57 kD) in BPH cells expressing LIMK1. Western blot analysis of MT1-MMP using anti-MT1-MMP antibodies in total protein extracts of BPH cells expressing LIMK1 phosphomimic mutant (pLIMK1). PC3 cell, that express high levels of LIMK1, also showed higher amounts of expression of latent and active MT1-MMP. B) Immunoblot analysis of MT1-MMP in these cells showing that inhibition of LIMK1 expression reduced MT1-MMP. C) Western blot analysis of LIMK1 using anti-LIMK1 antibodies in total extracts of wild type and transfected PC3 cells prepared at 72 hrs post transfection with LIMK1 shRNA or scrambled (scr) RNA expressing vector showing knock down of LIMK1 in PC3 cells. GAPDH was used as the loading control in all western blots.

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