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Table 1 Allele frequency of the three validated SNPs in MFSD2A 5' region by ethnicity

From: A 5'-region polymorphism modulates promoter activity of the tumor suppressor gene MFSD2A

SNP Chromosome position a Alleles b Frequency of the minor frequency allele (MAF) in HapMap populations a
    Caucasians (CEU) Asians (JPT)
rs3131703 40192268 G/A 0.39 0.03
rs12072037 40192793 C/A 0.01 0.47
rs3738668 40193306 C/A 0.01 0.48
  1. a Chromosome 1 position and allele frequencies extracted from the HapMap data (, accessed on August 17, 2010. b Common/rare in Caucasians.