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Table 5 Comparison of the prognostic value of the immune-metagene classifier with three available signatures, Disease-free survival, Cox univariate analysis

From: Kinome expression profiling and prognosis of basal breast cancers

   N HR [IC95] p-value
Immune-metagene High vs Low 380 2.23 [1.45-3.42] 2.4 E-04
70-gene signature Poor vs Good 380 1 [1] NaN*
Genomic grade index High vs Low 380 1.30 [0.53-3.18] 0.56
76-gene signature Poor vs Good 317 1.40 [0.96-2.03] 0.08
  1. *all basal tumors were classifeid as "poor prognosis" by this classifier.