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Figure 1

From: miR-31 and its host gene lncRNA LOC554202 are regulated by promoter hypermethylation in triple-negative breast cancer

Figure 1

Genomic organization of LCO554202/miR-31 locus and their associated CpG island. A) Schematic representation of the genomic organization of the LOC554202 gene. BAC clones RP11-344A7 and RP11-354P17 are shown with horizontal open bars. A strong CpG island spans exon 1 of LOC554202. miR-31 which maps within intron 1 of LOC554202 is shown with a red horizontal bar. The size of each exon and intron is also shown. The arrows below Exon 1, Exon 3 and Exon 4 represent the location and orientation of the primers used for RT-PCR of LOC554202. B) The location of the predicted CpG island (blue line) and LOC554202 exon 1 (green line) are shown with respect to the sequence of Human BAC clone RP11-344A7 on chromosome 9p21.2-22.3, Accession number AL137022, which contains the 5' end of the LOC554202, the host Gene of microRNA miR-31. Each vertical bar represents one CpG dinucleotide. Exon 1 of LOC554201 is shown as a red line. C) Schematic representation of the predicted CpG island and the location of the MSP primers sets and the bisulfite sequencing primers.

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