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Figure 5

From: P276-00, a cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor, modulates cell cycle and induces apoptosis in vitro and in vivo in mantle cell lymphoma cell lines

Figure 5

P276-00 in vivo anti-tumor efficacy as single agent and its pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamic relationship. (A) Treatment with P276-00 in Jeko-1 xenograft by i.p. injection showed significant dose dependent tumor growth inhibition of 91% at 50 mpk with tumor regression on day 8 (***p = 0.0001) and stable disease throughout the schedule (B) P276-00 prolonged survival of tumor bearing SCID mice by two weeks compared to untreated shown using Kaplan Meier survival curve (*p = 0.0366) (C) Protein expression analysis of the tumor samples showed target engagement with marked inhibition of cell cycle regulating and antiapoptotic proteins (D) Densitometric analysis of protein expression in tumor samples showing decrease in levels of proliferation and survival markers (E) High intratumoral levels of P276-00-detection by LC-MS for Jeko-1 tumor samples.

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