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Figure 2

From: miR-125b targets erythropoietin and its receptor and their expression correlates with metastatic potential and ERBB2/HER2 expression

Figure 2

EPO and EPOR are targets of miR-125b. Luciferase reporter assays was performed with psiCHECK2 reporter vector after placing Renilla luciferase under the control of the EPO/EPOR 3′UTR. A not-targeting miRNA (miR-145), the empty pIRESneo2 vector and the mutated version of psiCHECK2 vectors were used as controls. The Renilla luciferase values were normalized for transfection with Firefly luciferase activity and data are presented relative to the vector control. The mean ± s.d. of three independent experiments in two different cell lines is shown. *P <0.05.

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