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Figure 1

From: Myc is required for β-catenin-mediated mammary stem cell amplification and tumorigenesis

Figure 1

K5ΔNβcat mammary tumors display characteristics of basal-like tumors. A. Haematoxylin/eosin staining. B. Double immunofluorescence analysis with anti-K5 (green) and anti α-SMA (red) antibodies; nuclei are stained with DAPI. C, D. Immunohistochemistry with anti-ER (C) and anti-PR (D) antibodies. Arrow in C indicates the presence of normal ductal luminal cells positively stained for ER. Bar: 75 μm (B,C), 150 μm (A,D). E. qPCR analysis of representative basal and luminal genes. The graph shows mean values ± SEM for four control tissue and five K5ΔNβcat tumor samples; p < 0.05. F. Cluster analysis of K5ΔNβcat tumors, for the subset of genes defining the basal cluster in mouse tumor models (upper panel, [24]) and four luminal epithelial genes (lower panel). Data from 4 control mammary tissue, 5 hyperplasia and 11 tumor samples from K5ΔNβcat female are shown.

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