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Figure 2

From: Podoplanin expression in cancer-associated fibroblasts enhances tumor progression of invasive ductal carcinoma of the pancreas

Figure 2

PDPN expression was heterogeneous in CAFs. (A) qRT-PCR showed variable PDPN expression in CAFs. The pancreatic cancer cell line PANC-1 expressed less PDPN mRNA than CAFs. (B) Flow cytometry showed 0.4–94% positivity rates for PDPN expression. Representative flow cytometry data for PDPN expression in CAF1 cells are shown (right). (C) Immunofluorescence staining for PDPN (green) and α-SMA (red) in CAF4. CAFs had spindle-shaped or stellate-like morphology and expressed α-SMA and PDPN. Original magnification × 100.

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