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Figure 1

From: CD98hc (SLC3A2) drives integrin-dependent renal cancer cell behavior

Figure 1

CD98hc expression is correlated with grading of clear cell renal cell cancer (ccRCC) and affects tumor growth in vivo . (A) Immunohistochemical staining for CD98hc in clear cell renal cell cancer. Left: high CD98hc expressing grade 4 ccRCC; right: no immunoreactivity of the anti-CD98hc mAB in grade 1 ccRCC. (B) In vivo tumor transplantation assays: Tumor weight (mg), lowCD98hc/Caki2 tumors, highCD98hc/Caki2 tumors. (* p< 0.0001, data represent mean ± S.D. of five mice per group after 8 days) (C) CD98hc expression was analyzed via immunofluorescence staining of low and highCD98hc/Caki2 cell tumors, grown for 8 days in the right flank of nude mice. Upper left: anti CD98hc in low CD98hc/Caki2 tumors, lower left: anti - PCNA staining in lowCD98hc/Caki2 tumors, upper right: anti C98hc in highCD98hc/Caki2 tumors, lower right: anti – PCNA in high CD98hc/Caki2 tumors. Size bars 200 μm.

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