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Table 1 Targets of miR-148/152 family in various tissues/cells

From: The MicroRNA-148/152 Family: Multi-faceted Players

miR-148/152 family Expression Biological function Targets Tissues/cells References
miR-148a    PXR Human liver [54]
miR-148a Upregulation DNA hypomethylation DNMT1 CD4+ T cells of Systemic lupus erythematosus [55]
miR-148a   Tumor growth CAND1 Human prostate cancer [50]
miR-148a   Apoptosis Bcl-2 Colorectal cancer [56]
miR-148a Downregualtion Cell proliferation p27 Gastric cancer [57]
miR-148a    HLA-C HIV-1 infected individuals [58]
miR-148a    ACVR1 HeLa cell [59]
miR-148a, miR-152 Downregualtion Immune rejection HLA-G Placenta tissue [16]
miR-148a Downregualtion   WNT10B Cancer-associated fibroblasts [42]
miR-148a   Cell proliferation,cycle progression,migration PTEN Hepatocellular carcinoma [27]
miR-148a   Cellgrowth, migration,invasion MSK1 Prostate cancer cells [41]
miR-148a Downregualtion Cell growth CDC25B Human pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma [37]
miR-148a Downregulation Cell invasion and metastasis ROCK1 Gastric cancer [5]
miR-148b Downregulation Cell proliferation CCKBR Gastric cancer [34]
miR-148b Downregulation Cell proliferation CCK2R Colorectal cancer [35]
miR-148a, miR-152 Downregulation   CCKBR?* Gastrointestinal cancer [7]
miR-148a, miR-152 Downregualtion Cell proliferation DNMT-1 Malignant cholangiocytes [36]
miR-148b Upregulation Glycosylation of IgA1 C1GALT1 IgA nephropathy [22]
miR-148a, miR-152 Downregualtion Cell proliferation, colony formation, tumor angiogenesis IGF-IR, IRS1 Breast cancer [48]
miR-148a, miR-152 Downregualtion   DNMT1 HBV-related hepatocellular carcinoma [32]
miR-152    DNMT1?, MLL? Acute lymphoblastic leukemia [46]
miR-152   NK cell-mediated cytolysis HLA-G? Human trophoblast cell line (JEG-3) [60]
miR-148/152 family    CaMKIIalpha TLR-triggered dendritic cells [15]
miR-152   Cell motility and adhesion CSF-1 Ovarian cancer cell [61]
miR-152   Cell growth DNMT1, Rictor Endometrial cancer [62]
  1. *Question mark presents target gene to be further validated.