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Archived Comments for: MutS homologue hMSH4: interaction with eIF3f and a role in NHEJ-mediated DSB repair

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    Marco Aurelio Pardo-Galvan, Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolas de Hidalgo

    27 June 2013

    In your article you found an interesting interaction of hMSH4 with eIF3f that is related to specific cell cycle phases, namely G1/S and G2/M. It would have been adequate if you related and supported your work with our report, where we show, for the first time, that eIF3f is naturally expressed during G1/S and G2/M (biphasic expression profile) in A549 cells, that it is essential for cell viability, and where we stated that ┬┐It remains to be elucidated if eIF3f has the same function in both cell cycle phases┬┐ (Higareda-Mendoza and Pardo-Galvan, Cell Division 2010, 5:10).

    Competing interests

    Just that we work with eIF3f.