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Table 1 Over-expression of Nectin-2 protein in breast and ovarian cancer tissues (IHC)

From: Nectin-2 is a potential target for antibody therapy of breast and ovarian cancers

Breast cancer tissue Ovarian cancer tissue
Type Positive rate Type Positive rate
Infiltrating ductal carcinoma 16/18 Serous carcinoma 22/40
Ductal carcinoma 7/7 Granular carcinoma 3/3
Infiltrating lobular carcinoma 9/9 Clear cell carcinoma 1/2
Medullary carcinoma 3/6 Endometrioid carcinoma 0/1
Mucinous adeno carcinoma 5/7 Mucinous carcinoma 1/4
Paget’s disease 7/7 Brenner tumor 1/1
  positive/total Germinoma 0/4
   Theca cell carcinoma 1/1
   Metastasis carcinoma 1/6