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Table 1 Candidate AIPC genes

From: A novel approach to identify driver genes involved in androgen-independent prostate cancer

Gene Source In gene/distance PCSL Expression p-value
ATPAF1 In vitro yes none over 0.002
GCOM1 In vivo yes none under 0.003
MEX3D In vivo 32,561 19p13.3 over 9.70E-04
PTRF In vivo 62,474 17q21-22 under 0.003
TRPM4 In vitro yes near 19q13.4 over 1.13E-04
  1. Candidate AIPC genes identified from provirus integration sites recovered from both the in vitro mutagenesis screen and the in vivo subcutaneous tumor model. Source indicates whether the gene was identified from the in vitro screen or the in vivo screen. In gene/distance indicates whether the LV provirus was within the gene transcription unit, or if outside the transcription unit indicates the distance in base pairs from the proviral integration to the transcription start site of the gene. PCSL indicates if the provirus was within or near a PCa susceptibility locus. Expression indicates if the gene was over or under-expressed in PCa tissue using the Oncomine™ database. Rank is the Oncomine™ ranking of over or under-expressed genes. p-value is the Oncomine™ p-value for over or under-expression.