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Figure 1

From: mTOR inhibition and levels of the DNA repair protein MGMT in T98G glioblastoma cells

Figure 1

TMZ treatment does not affect steady state levels of MGMT protein. T98G cells were incubated in the absence (lane 1) or presence of TMZ for 24 hours (lane 2), 48 hours (lanes 3) or 72 hours (lane 4). A. Proteins were visualised by Western blotting using the antiserum indicated. B. MGMT protein levels in (A) were quantified and expressed relative to the eIF4A loading control. Error bars are the SE (n = 3). Confidence limits were set: *p = <0.2, **p = <0.05 ***p = <0.005. C. Cells were incubated with [35S] methionine, as described in Materials and Methods. Incorporation of radioactive methionine into protein was determined as cpm/μg protein; results are presented as a % of methionine incorporated in to cells incubated in the absence of TMZ. Error bars are the S.D (n = 3).

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