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Table 1 Gene set enrichment analysis of leukemia patient studies for our MLL-AF9 knockdown gene expression dataset

From: RNAi-mediated silencing of MLL-AF9 reveals leukemia-associated downstream targets and processes

Patient study gene sets Reference FDR q-value NES
Top-100 gene set of MLL AML Kohlmann et al. [1] 0.008 1.48
Top-100 gene set of MLL leukemia irrespective of lineage Kohlmann et al. [1] 0.020 1.40
Top-100 probe set of pediatric MLL AML Ross et al. [20] 0.022 1.38
Downregulated in MLL AML Rozovskaia et al. [21] 0.005 1.69
Gene cluster 1 and 16 of 11q23 abnormal AML Valk et al. [22] 0.030 1.34
CML-BP versus CML-CP Zheng et al. [23] <0.001 1.96
Downregulated in CML-BP versus CML-CP Zheng et al. [23] <0.001 2.08
  1. Corresponding gene set enrichment plots are displayed in Additional file 3: Figure S1. MLL AML, MLL aberrant acute myeloid leukemia; CML-BP, chronic myeloid leukemia blastic phase; CML-CP, chronic myeloid leukemia chronic phase; FDR, false discovery rate; NES, normalized enrichment score.