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Table 1 Correlation of RAS/ERK pathway mutations, PTEN loss, and oncogenic ETS expression in prostate tumors

From: Prostate cancer ETS rearrangements switch a cell migration gene expression program from RAS/ERK to PI3K/AKT regulation

  ETS - ETS + Total
PTEN loss 19 43 62
RAS/ERK mutation 8 0 8
APC mutation 6 5 11
Total 133 133 266
  1. A summary of the 266 tumors analyzed by Taylor et al.[22], Grasso et al. [6], and Baca et al. [23]. ETS status indicates presence (+) or absence (-) of an ERG rearrangement in Taylor et al. and either an ERG or ETV1 rearrangement in Grasso et al. and Baca et al. RAS/ERK mutation includes point mutations from all three studies or verified gene rearrangements resulting in transcript fusions in Grasso et al. or Baca et al. for HRAS, KRAS, NRAS, RAF1, ARAF, BRAF, MAP2K1, MAP2K2, MAPK1, or MAPK3. APC mutations are included as a control to show that low frequency mutations are not always enriched in one category.