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Figure 2

From: MicroRNA-566 activates EGFR signaling and its inhibition sensitizes glioblastoma cells to nimotuzumab

Figure 2

miR-566 inhibitor suppressed the proliferation and invasive potential of glioma cells. (A) U87 and LN229 glioma cells were treated with lenti-NC or lenti-AS-566. After 24 h, viable cells were harvested and reseeded at 2000 cells/well onto 6-well plates as a single-cell suspension. Cells were allowed to grow for 14 days before fixing with methanol and staining with crystal violet. The data shown are representative of 3 individual experiments. (B) Mice were implanted with U87 cells pretreated with a luciferase reporter containing lenti-virus and lenti-NC or lenti-AS-566. Tumor mass was determined by bioluminescence at day 3, 7, 11, 16 and 21. The data are shown as the mean ± SD. **, P < 0.01. (C-E) U87 and LN229 glioma cells were infected with lenti-NC or lenti-AS-566. After 48 h, the cell cycle distribution (C) and apoptosis (E) were detected. Cell invasion was analyzed 24 h after seeding in transwells (D).

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