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Figure 1

From: Activation of the hedgehog pathway in advanced prostate cancer

Figure 1

Detection of PTCH1 expression in prostate cancers. Protein expression of PTCH1 was detected by immunostaining. PTCH1 antibodies (Santa Cruz Biotechnology Cat# 9149) were tested in Ptch1-/- null MEF cells (A). While Ptch1-/- null MEF cells had no positive fluorescent staining with PTCH1 antibodies, transfection of PTCH1 expressing plasmid lead to positive staining (green, indicated by an arrow, 400×). Immunohistochemistry of prostate cancer specimens with PTCH1 gave negative (B-a, 200×) or positive (Red in B-b, 200×) signals. When PTCH1 antibodies were pre-incubated with the very peptide for raising the antibodies, no positive signals could be observed (B-c).

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