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Figure 6

From: Mesothelin-MUC16 binding is a high affinity, N-glycan dependent interaction that facilitates peritoneal metastasis of ovarian tumors

Figure 6

MUC16 expressing ovarian tumor cells form conjugates with mesothelin positive cells. (A) CellTracker green labeled sublines #12 and #7 were coincubated with either A431-Meso+ or A431-Meso- cells in PBS containing 1% BSA. The heterotypic doublets formation was measured by flow cytometry. The #7 and #12 sublines are represented in green, the A431 cells are in blue and the heterotypic doublets are depicted in orange. The percentages of all live cells that form heterotypic doublets are shown for each plot. Cell debris is in red. (B) Heterotypic doublet formation between the sublines #12 and #7 and the A431 cells in the presence of ascites from patient#15 is shown. The sublines are represented in green and the A431 cells are in blue. Heterotypic doublets are in orange. The percentage of heterotypic doublets is shown for each plot. Cell debris is in red.

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