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Table 3 miRNAs and Predicted Targets.

From: Effect of BRAFV600E mutation on transcription and post-transcriptional regulation in a papillary thyroid carcinoma model

Up-regulated Genes Potential Binding Partner (down-regulated)
PGM5 miR-137
DUSP6 miR-138
TLE miR-323
HSPH1 miR-181b
PCGF1 miR-138
CDK2AP2 miR-302c, miR-302b
DDIT3 miR-144
SLC14A1 miR-222
MANEA miR-302b, miR-302c
ELP4 miR-122a
APIP miR-181b
PEX7 miR-190
Down-regulated Genes Potential Binding Partner (up-regulated)
SYTL2 miR-128a, miR-128b
GJB3 miR-34a
SDC4 miR-141, miR-215
CREBL2 miR-141, miR-200a,
CCL2 miR-141, miR-200a
GYG2 miR-215
HIATL1 miR-34a
ZMYND11 miR-200a
ADAMTS4 miR-141
  1. Differentially expressed miRNAs in BRAF mutated cell lines. Red = Upregulated. Green = Downregulated