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Figure 2

From: Estrogenic or antiestrogenic therapies for multiple myeloma?

Figure 2

Schematic representation of AEs signaling in breast cancer and myeloma cells. In breast cancer cells, ICI and tamoxifene (Tam) both downregulate c-Myc and its target cyclin D1 [35, 39]. But depending on the treatment, there is either an upregulation of p21Cip1 or p27Kip1 and thereafter the inhibition of cyclin E/CDK2 activity and the arrest in G0 for ICI or G1 for Tam [36]. In MM cells, 4HT and RU treatments induce a rapid downregulation of c-Myc, an upregulation of p27Kip1 and the subsequent decrease activity of cyclin D/CDK leading to a G1-arrest in [11] (Gauduchon et al, submitted).

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