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Table 1 Effects of E2 on proliferation of MM cell lines*

From: Estrogenic or antiestrogenic therapies for multiple myeloma?

MM cell line Response Reference
ANBL6 Inhibition [7]
ARH-77 No effect [12]
KAS-6/1 Inhibition [7]
KMM-1 Inhibition [10]
LP-1 Inhibition [11]
MM.1S/R No effect [4]
NCI-H929 Inhibition [11]
OCI-My5 No effect [12]
OPM-2 No effect [11]
RPMI 8226 No effect [4]
  Inhibition [10]
  Inhibition [11]
  No effect [12]
U266 Inhibition [10]
  Inhibition [11]
  No effect [12]
  1. * Are presented in this table only authenticated MM (or at least well-characterized) cell lines indexed in [49]. In all cases, MM cell lines were treated in vitro with micromolar concentrations of E2 varying from 0.5 μM to 50 μM; various techniques were used to quantify cell proliferation: [3H]-thymidine incorporation, MTS reduction assay, cell number counting after trypan blue exclusion.