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Table 1 The role of microRNAs in cancers

From: OncomiRs: the discovery and progress of microRNAs in cancers

microRNAs Tumorigenesis Diagnosis Prognosis
miR-9 Neuroblastoma   
miR-10b Breast cancer   
miR-15, miR-15a Leukemia, pituitary adenoma   
miR-16, miR-16-1 Leukemia, pituitary adenoma   
miR-17-5p, miR-17-92 Lung cancer, lymphoma   
miR-20a Lymphoma, lung cancer   
miR-21 Breast cancer, cholangiocarcinoma, head & neck cancer, leukemia, cervical cancer   Pancreatic cancer
miR-29, miR-29b Leukemia, cholangiocarcinoma   
miR-31 Colorectal cancer   
miR-34a Pancreatic cancer   Neuroblastoma
miR-96 Colorectal cancer   
miR-98 Head & neck cancer   
miR-103 Pancreatic cancer   
miR-107 Leukemia, pancreatic cancer   
miR-125a, miR-125b Neuroblastoma, breast cancer   
miR-128 Glioblastoma   
miR-133b Colorectal cancer   
miR-135b Colorectal cancer   
miR-143 Colon cancer, cervical cancer   
miR-145 Breast cancer, colorectal cancer   
miR-146 Thyroid carcinoma   
miR-155 Breast cancer, leukemia, pancreatic cancer   Lung cancer
miR-181, miR-181a, miR-181b, miR-181c Leukemia, glioblastoma, thyroid carcinoma   
miR-183 Colorectal cancer   
miR-184 Neuroblastoma   
miR-196a-2    Pancreatic cancer
miR-221 Glioblastoma, thyroid carcinoma Pancreatic cancer  
miR-222 Thyroid carcinoma   
miR-223 Leukemia   
miR-301   Pancreatic cancer  
miR-376   Pancreatic cancer  
let-7, let-7a, let-7a-1, hsa-let-7a-2, let-7a-3 Lung cancer, colon cancer   Lung cancer