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Figure 6

From: Transcriptional changes associated with breast cancer occur as normal human mammary epithelial cells overcome senescence barriers and become immortalized

Figure 6

High Content Screening of proteins associated with cell cycle progression and chromosomal stability. (A) Immunofluorescent images of Rb (red) and DNA (blue) obtained using a Cellomics ArrayScan Vti are shown for pre-stasis 184 HMEC (left), post-selection 184 HMEC (center) and the 184A1 cell line (right). (B) Quantitation of the nuclear/cytoplasmic ratio is shown for pre-stasis 184 and 161 HMEC, post-stasis 184 and 161 HMEC and the cell lines 184A1 and 184B5, as indicated in the figure panels. Antigens quantitated in each panel are identified above the panel.

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