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Table 1 Clinical data for tumor samples

From: DNA copy number changes in high-grade malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors by array CGH

Sample Sample origin Patient age (years)/sex Diagnosis Initial Revised Grade1 Location Size (cm)2 Metastasis (months)3 Status Follow-up (months)4 Neurofibromatosis
MS1 Prim 71/F MPNST MPNST 4 Upper trunk 10 NM NED 100 +
MS2 Prim 46/M MPNST MPNST 4 Lower leg 40 MD DD 1 +
MS5 Met 24/M MPNST MPNST 4 Upper trunk 9 20 DD 163  
MS7 Prim 42/M MPNST MPNST 4 Pelvic areas 7 6 DD 12  
MS8x Prim 78/F MPNST MPNST 4 Gluteal 20 MD DD 12  
MS9x Rec 26/M MPNST MPNST 4 Upper trunk 4 70 DD 79 +
MS13 Prim 40/M MFH MPNST5 4 Thigh 10 NM NED 216 +
BS Prim 50/M MPNST BS - Retroperitoneum 7 NM NED 120  
NF Prim 19/F MPNST NF - Retroperitoneum 11 185 DD 186  
  1. Abbreviations: x, xenograft; Prim, primary tumor; Met, metastasis; Rec, recurrence; F, female; M, male; MFH, malignant fibrous histiocytoma; BS, benign schwannoma; NF, neurofibroma; NM, no metastasis; MD, metastasis at diagnosis; NED, no evidence of disease; DD, dead of disease.
  2. 1 Grading is based on a four-tiered system used in the Scandinavian Sarcoma Group.
  3. 2 Largest diameter of the tumor.
  4. 3 Time to first metastasis from diagnosis.
  5. 4 Time to last follow-up from diagnosis.
  6. 5 Pleomorphic sarcoma in a patient with neurofibromatosis.