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Figure 9

From: Identification of iGb3 and iGb4 in melanoma B16F10-Nex2 cells and the iNKT cell-mediated antitumor effect of dendritic cells primed with iGb3

Figure 9

In vivo antitumor effects of α-GalCer and iGb3. A) In vivo protection by α-GalCer (200 ng/mL) and iGb3 (20 μg/ml) against lung colonization by B16F10-Nex2 melanoma cells (1 × 105) injected i.v. in C57Bl/6 mice (5 animals/group). Glycolipid-primed BMDCs or unprimed BMDCs were administered on days 2 and 4 after challenge. Ctr, control, unprimed naïve BMDCs; B) Lungs representative of animals treated with unprimed and glycolipid-primed BMDCs after 13 days of tumor challenge. The experiments are representative of at least 2 independent experiments. *p < 0.05, compared to the control.

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