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Figure 4

From: High resolution magic angle spinning 1H NMR of childhood brain and nervous system tumours

Figure 4

LDA MB vs NB. Linear discriminant analysis of Medulloblastoma vs Neuroblastoma performed on the first 5 principal components of the fitted metabolite quantities, showing a) Discriminant function (DF) scores and b) DF 1 metabolite coefficients. Tau – Taurine, Suc – Succinate, s-Ins – scyllo inositol, PEth – phosphorylethanolamine, PC – phosphorylcholine, m-Ins – myo-inositol, Lac – lactate, Gly – glycine, GPC – glycerophosphorylcholine, Gln – glutamine, Glu – glutamate, Cr – creatine, Cho – choline, Asp – aspartate, Ala – alanine, Ace – aspartate, NAA – N-acetylaspartate. (classifier accuracy: 94%).

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