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Figure 2

From: MicroRNA-101 negatively regulates Ezh2 and its expression is modulated by androgen receptor and HIF-1α/HIF-1β

Figure 2

Analysis of miR-101 and miR-26a expression in prostate cancer cell lines. RT-PCR was conducted using RNAs extracted individually from PWR-1E, LNCaP, DU-145 and PC-3 cells with a stem-loop primer specific to miR-101 or miR-26a. The generated cDNAs were subjected to further analysis by Taqman Real-Time PCR using FAM-labeled miR-101 or miR-26a probes (Applied BioSystems). Each sample was analyzed in triplicates. The data are presented as an average of two experiments and normalized to the expression of the endogenous U6 RNA using the ΔΔCT method [28] as described in Materials and Methods. Student T-test was used to determine statistical significance and the asterisks indicate that the p values are not higher than 0.05.

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