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Figure 4

From: Activation of HER family members in gastric carcinoma cells mediates resistance to MET inhibition

Figure 4

MET trans-phosphorylation is not essential for the rescue exerted by HER family members. A) Cell viability assay (left) and growth curve (right). GTL16 cells transduced with a doxycycline-inducible shRNA system were treated (DOXY) or not (NT) with doxycycline (1 μg/ml) to silence MET, and stimulated or not with EGF (50 ng/ml) or HRG1-β1 (10 ng/ml). Activation of HER members partially rescued inhibition of cell viability and growth induced by MET silencing (** P < 0,01). B) Cells were grown in agar and the number of viable cells was quantified with the Alamar Blue dye. Stimulation with EGF or HRG1-β1 partially rescued anchorage-independent growth ability in MET-silenced cells (DOXY; *** P < 0,001). (C) WB analysis showing effectiveness of MET silencing, 48 hours upon addition of doxycycline.

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