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Figure 3

From: Tumor cell-derived PDGF-B potentiates mouse mesenchymal stem cells-pericytes transition and recruitment through an interaction with NRP-1

Figure 3

Tumor cell secreted PDGF-B is involved in MPT induced by tumor cells. A. Representative immuno-Western blot image illustrates the effect of PDGF neutralizing antibody on MCF-7-CM-induced α-SMA expression in 10T1/2 cells. B. Representative Giemsa stained Photographs show that mouse mesenchymal stem cells are converted into pericytes by PDGF recombinant protein after 72 h treatment. C-F. Representative immunofluorescence images exhibit MPT and α-SMA expression in PDGF-B exposed 10T1/2 cells. G. G. Schematic illustration of mesenchymal stem cell into pericyte transition.

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