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Figure 1

From: Coordination of glioblastoma cell motility by PKCι

Figure 1

Effects of stable PKCι depletion on cell motility. A. Western blot analysis and densitometry of PKCι expression in U87MG cells after transduction with retroviral vectors expressing shGFP, shPKCιA and shPKCιB followed by puromycin selection. B. Cell motility in U87MG/shGFP and U87MG/shPKCι cells was assessed using Transwell chambers without Matrigel (top) and invasion was assessed using Transwell chambers with Matrigel (bottom). Data are from one of two independent experiments that gave similar results. C. Quantitation of motility from videomicroscopy. Migration distance per minute (um/min) was measured using Ziess LSM image browser software. Bar graphs show the mean +/- SD from three independent videomicroscopy experiments for each cell type (mean of 10 cells analyzed per experiment). D. Quantitation of leading edge formation from videomicroscopy. Cells from three independent movies were analyzed for the formation of a single dominant leading edge as described in Materials and Methods. Bar graphs show the mean +/- SD.

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