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Figure 1

From: Differential roles of cyclin D1 and D3 in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Figure 1

Cyclin D1/D3 suppression effects on cell cycle and proliferation. (A) The expression of lentiviral shD1_1 or shD3_1 decreases the mRNA of D1- or D3-cyclin, respectively in BxPC3, HPAC and PANC1 cells. Bars represent medians. The insert is a representative image of shNS_YFP transduced PANC1 cells (insert). (B) Immunoblots show effects of shD1_1, shD3_1 or non-specific shNS on cell cycle-specific proteins D-cyclins, Rb, cyclin A (CCNA) and equal loading control GAPDH in PANC1 cells. (C) Differential effects of shD1_1 or shD3_1 expression on mRNA levels of the D-cyclins and cyclin A in PANC1 cells. (D) Proliferation was decreased in all three cell lines over a period of 4 days after 2 days transduction with shD1_1 or shD3_1 compared with shNS. Values are mean ± standard error. An asterisk (*) designates significant differences between test and control samples (p < 0.001, two-way RM ANOVA and Bonferroni posttests). Significantly different tested pairs are designated by brackets.

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