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Figure 5

From: Differential roles of cyclin D1 and D3 in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Figure 5

Cyclin D1-specific deregulated genes are connected to focal adhesion and actin skeleton network. (A) The PPI network shows 81 proteins corresponding to deregulated genes from CCND1 siRNA-treated cells by at least 2-fold compared with control and their interacting proteins obtained from I2D database constitute a single connected network with 79 proteins. Target nodes positions reflect their interactions with pathway-annotated nodes (colored), connecting directly to the annotated nodes or via intermediate node(s). Nodes and edges not directly connecting target nodes to pathway-annotated interacting nodes were faded out to reduce network complexity. Target genes/proteins whose expression is up-regulated or down-regulated (up/downward triangle nodes, respectively) and their interacting proteins (round nodes) are annotated by focal adhesion pathway (blue nodes, KEGG hsa4510), actin cytoskeleton organization and biogenesis (green nodes, GO:0030036), common proteins to both annotations (turquoise nodes), or none of the above (grey nodes). Two proteins, FLRT2 and TMPRSS2, are identified in I2D, but did not connect to the other nodes at depth of the presented network. (B) Collagen type IV migration is decreased in BxPC3 and HPAC cells stably expressing shD1_1 compared with control shNS. Representative plots are shown of two repeated experiments completed in duplicate. A significant difference, p < 0.05, in migration between treatments shNS and shD1 or shD3 for each cell line is indicated with an asterisk (*), or between a pair of treatments was indicated with a bracket and asterisks. (C) mRNA levels of CCND1 in PANC1 cells transfected with pBMN compared to pBMN_CCND1 vector are significantly increased, p < 0.05 (*). (D) Collagen type IV migration is significantly increased, p < 0.05, in PANC1 cells upon transient overexpression of CCND1. PPI network analysis was done using NAViGaTOR 1.13 ([26];

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