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Figure 2

From: Epstein-Barr virus-encoded EBNA1 enhances RNA polymerase III-dependent EBER expression through induction of EBER-associated cellular transcription factors

Figure 2

EBNA1 is expressed at physiological levels in Ad/AH-EBNA1-cl8 cells. Immunoblot analysis of EBNA1 expression in the epithelial cell lines Ad/AH, Ad/AH-EBNA1-cl8, Ad/AH-EBV, the EBV-positive NPC line C666-1 and the lymphoblastoid cell lines X50-7 and SL (B-cells immortalised with the B95-8 strain of EBV). Note the larger size of C666-1 EBNA1, presumably due to a larger Gly-Ala repeat in this strain of EBV. β-actin served as a loading control.

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