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Figure 5

From: Differential chemosensitization of P-glycoprotein overexpressing K562/Adr cells by withaferin A and Siamois polyphenols

Figure 5

K562 and K562/Adr cells reveal different nuclear regulation of NFκB, AP1, Nrf2 transcription factors and Sirt1 cofactors. K562 and K562/Adr cells were treated with PMA (0.1 μg/ml) for 30 minutes. Nuclear cell lysates were prepared in SDS-Laemmli sample buffer and extracts were analyzed for protein expression levels by Western analysis of NFκB p65, RelB, cRel, Nrf2, AP1 cjun, junD, Fra1, Sirt1, respectively. Comparable protein loading was verified with Histone H3 antibodies.

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