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Table 1 Characteristics of the NSCLC primary tumours tested

From: Identification of anti-tumour biologics using primary tumour models, 3-D phenotypic screening and image-based multi-parametric profiling

Tumour # Gender, age at excision Site Clinical diagnosis of specimen AJCC/UICC stage group Medications Genetic analysis
1 F, 79 Lung Squamous cell carcinoma of the lung IA   SNPs: rs2075607 (LKB1), rs1042522 (TP53)
2 M, 57 Lung Adenocarcinoma of the lung IIB Combivent nd
3 M, 61 Abdominal wall Metastatic neoplasm of the abdominal wall IV Carboplatin Highly aberrant copy number variations across genome
Paclitaxel Point mutations: KRas G12D, TP53 V157F
Alimta SNPs: rs2075607 (LKB1)