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Fig. 1

From: Human papillomavirus mediated inhibition of DNA damage sensing and repair drives skin carcinogenesis

Fig. 1

Repair of CPDs in K14-HPV8-E6wt mice abrogates UV-induced skin tumor formation. a K14-HPV8-E6wt animals (FVB/n background) were mated with K14-CPD-PL (FVB/n background) and offspring in F1 were irradiated with UV. The CPD-PL was reactivated by exposing animals to white fluorescent light tubes. Figure shows representative macroscopical (upper panel) and histological (lower panel, magnifications are indicated) skin images of E6/PL (n = 11), E6/PL+ (n = 11), E6+/PL (n = 11) and E6+/PL+ (n = 7) animals taken 24 days after UV-irradiation b Representative images of T^T stained skin sections of E6+/PL (n = 3) and E6+/PL+ (n = 3) mice collected 3 days after UV treatment and photoreactivation (magnification: 640×)

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