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Fig. 4

From: Key role of MEK/ERK pathway in sustaining tumorigenicity and in vitro radioresistance of embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma stem-like cell population

Fig. 4

Delays of tumor development in xenografts from U0126 in vitro pre-treated cells. a FACS analysis of CD133 positive cells in rhabdosphere cells (SC-mSPH) and 10 μM U0126 treated cells in SC medium (SC-m + U) before subcutaneously injection. b-e Tumor development of xenografts from rhabdosphere cells (SC-mSPH) and U0126 treated cells in SC medium (SC-m + U). b Mean time to tumor development. c Analysis of tumor development by Kaplan-Meier. d Hazard Ratio (HR) with comparison of tumor development curves by Logrank test. e Tumor volume and tumor weight of xenografts at the end of the experiment (4 weeks after tumor development); bars represent mean ± S.D. Statistical significance is indicated (**p < 0.01)

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