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Fig. 3

From: Metalloprotease-disintegrin ADAM12 actively promotes the stem cell-like phenotype in claudin-low breast cancer

Fig. 3

ADAM12 knockdown reduces the ALDEFLUOR+ subpopulation and diminishes the CD44hi/CD24-/lo subpopulation of cells. a, b SUM159PT cells were transfected with a pool of four control siRNAs (siControl, a) or a pool of four ADAM12 siRNAs (siADAM12, b) and analyzed three days later by flow cytometry. Plots show side cell scatter (SSC) versus BAA- fluorescence (BODIPY-aminoacetate, an intracellular reaction product of aldehyde dehydrogenase). ALDEFLUOR- (blue) and ALDEFLUOR+ (red) gates were identified after pre-treatment of cells with DEAB, an ALDH inhibitor. c, d Percentages of ALDEFLUOR+ populations in SUM159PT (c) and Hs578T (d) cells were determined in at least four independent experiments; shown are means ± SEM. e SUM159PT cells transfected with pooled siRNAs were stained with anti-CD24-PE and anti-CD44-APC antibodies and analyzed by flow cytometry. f, g Percentages of CD44hi/CD24-/lo populations in SUM159PT cells (f) and Hs578T cells (g) were determined in at least three independent experiments; shown are means ± SEM

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