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Fig. 4

From: MicroRNA-30d promotes angiogenesis and tumor growth via MYPT1/c-JUN/VEGFA pathway and predicts aggressive outcome in prostate cancer

Fig. 4

miR-30d/MYPT1 combination is a more efficient prognostic factor for BCR-free survival of PCa patients than miR-30d or MYPT1 alone. a Correlation between MYPT1 mRNA and miR-30d expression in PCa tissues was evaluated by Spearman Correlation analysis; b Immunohistochemical staining images of MYPT1 protein in adjacent non-cancerous prostate tissues and PCa tissues with different Gleason scores; c The immunoreactive scores (IRS) of MYPT1 protein in PCa clinical samples and adjacent benign tissues; d and e Kaplan-Meier analysis on the associations between MYPT1 expression and BCR-free survival, overall survival and metastasis-free survival; f Kaplan-Meier analysis on the associations between miR-30d/MYPT1 combination and BCR-free survival and overall survival of PCa patients using the Taylor dataset

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