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Fig. 6

From: Mechanistic added value of a trans-Sulfonamide-Platinum-Complex in human melanoma cell lines and synergism with cis-Platin

Fig. 6

Effects of CDDP and TSPC combined treatment. a Cell recovery after treatment removal. Cell growth was assessed for 7 days in cells treated with either CDDP (triangles) or TSPC (circles) at their corresponding IC50 for 72 h followed by drug removal. Untreated cells were used as control (squares). b Cell viability with drug treatment combination. Viability after treatment with different doses of CDDP ranging from 0.5 to 10 μM combined with TSPC 1 μM (right side-up triangles) or 5 μM (upside-down triangles). Cells just treated with CDDP were used as control (squares). c Fa-log CI plot. The line represents the additive effect and all the points under it show synergism. d Fa-log DRI plot. The line separates the favourable dose reduction (up) from the unfavourable (down). e Cell recovery after combination treatment removal. Clear shape symbol: SK-MEL-5; Dark shape symbol: SK-MEL-28

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