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Fig. 6

From: miR-19a promotes colorectal cancer proliferation and migration by targeting TIA1

Fig. 6

miR-19a promotes CRC cell migration by targeting TIA1. ac Cell migration assays (Transwell) were performed in SW480 cells that were transfected with equal doses of control mimic, miR-19a mimic, control inhibitor or miR-19a inhibitor (upper panel), or with equal doses of control mimic plus control plasmid, miR-19a mimic plus control plasmid, control mimic plus TIA1 overexpression plasmid, or miR-19a mimic plus TIA1 overexpression plasmid (lower panel). a: representative images; b and c: quantitative analysis of the number of migrated cells. *P < 0.05; **P < 0.01

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